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Ideas for de-stressors in open space work environment

In recent meeting with a client of mine that dealt with stress management, a question came up: What sort of de-stressors would go well with open space work environment? Since she works in such an environment for long hours every day, it would help her if she had some practical ideas. It struck me as a useful subject for many people out there and so I wrote this article

Before we get to the de-stressor list, I think another issue deserves our attention: The very idea of a 10-12 hour work day (A common practice in high-tech companies and others) is a terrible stress on the body and mind. Concentration tends to drop after 50 minutes of constant demand on us and so a crucial thing is to break down the long routine into segments and place windows of free time between the segments to allow for some stress reduction activities and/or just plain rest. Some of this break time should be spent outside the cubical (Maybe in a pre-designed recreational zone / fitness room). If such zones do not exist where you work, seeking out a green zone nearby (A park or at least an open balcony) would help to make the most of this free time. Some de-stressors actually work well inside the cubicles (Such as physical activity in a chair – YouTube it *smile* ). Most common de-stressors won’t fit in a cubicle, so finding an appropriate zone will help a lot. Even if this is not available – don’t give up – you will be surprised at how much you can do right in your cubicle

The following list of ideas for de-stressors are mostly cubicle friendly (A full list of de-stressing ideas can be found in my book). Use them wisely when at work – either during breaks or in ways that will not piss off your boss, grin

  1. Listening to music with earphones

  2. Listening to audio books

  3. Reading a book

  4. Oil-less self-massage - no intimate areas please while at work

  5. Stretching in a chair

  6. Using stress balls - The kind you squeeze to relieve stress

  7. Replacing your chair with an inflating physioball

  8. Quiet breathing exercises

  9. Computer games – solo or group games - A great group bonding experience at times

  10. Watching videos online - YouTube, TED, standup comedy etc

  11. Company organized professional massages

  12. Getting up off your seat often enough not to be bone stiff - For a drink and such

  13. Using stairs instead of elevators

  14. Company organized social games / activities

  15. Walking to or from work instead of driving where relevant, or getting of the bus or parking a little further off from work – a chance to exercise.

Do you have ideas not on my list? Please take the time to add a comment below with your ideas so others will benefit from them.

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